Can we all just stop and take a breath?

Breathing. It seems so easy. Right? We all must breath in order to sustain life. What about going beyond sustaining life and having fun in life?


Breath is vital. We all live for those days when we have no commitments. We can run. We can hike. We can sit on the couch. How can we make those days even more enjoyable? Through breathing. The next time you want to push your limit and have some fun, stop and notice your breath. Are you mouth breathing? Are you breathing quickly? Are your breaths shallow or deep? Now think about breathing in through your nose and back out through your nose. Seems so simple. However, many times when we are excited, we begin to breath short, shallow breaths through our mouths. We are then in the fight or flight pattern. Take the time to connect with your breath. You will experience your fun on a whole new level. You will also remember the experience even better.

Now, what about the times in life that do not seem so nice. Let’s see…cleaning the house, driving in traffic, dealing with an out of control person. These are the times when it is vital to slow down, close the eyes (ok-maybe not if you are driving) and breath in and out through the nose. Taking slow, deep breaths with bring you back to the moment. You will realize that yes, I must clean the house to be healthy; yes, I want to get to my destination safely-no matter whether I go slowly or quickly; yes, this person is out of control but I will not follow him/her and get out of control as well. Breathing will help you release the anger which will make life more fun.

Breathing is one of the main ways that I live simply. I close my eyes and slow down my breath. I am not always calm, but I am always able to calm myself with mindful breathing.

Do you practice mindful breathing? How does it help simplify your life?