Remember Who You Are

Someone recently asked me, “Do you remember when your parents ruined your life?”  Then last week, I saw this picture.

Budi Satria Kwan

Budi Satria Kwan

I found it interesting that both of these sayings came to me in the same week.  As a mother, I try not to push my children in one direction or another.  However, I do.  I teach them many beliefs and expose them to many different cultures.  In the end though, I am a true believer that children learn what they see and experience.  My children see the world through my eyes because we are together-ALL-THE-TIME.  I am a granola, earth-loving, veggie-eating, nonreligious, homeschooling mom.

So what is the world telling them that they should be?  When will I or did I ruin their lives?  I hope they find who they want to be before the world decides for them and I hope that they will be able turn what I ruin into something beautiful.