Day 6

6 Days of Journaling.  I am almost one week in.  This week the quote is about striving for perfection and how sometimes perfection is not necessary.  I definitely used to be a perfectionist in may ways.  I had a tough time saying “no” to things and I wanted to do it all.  I found that I cannot do everything if I want to do it well, let alone perfect.  I keep finding that it is important to give what you can in your own unique way.  I can not keep the house immaculate, but I can keep it clean.  I cannot cook every meal, but overall, we will be healthy.  I cannot change the world on my own, but I can be an example to my children and to others in the small ways that I can.

On my picture today, I chose to write out the lyrics to a few of my favorite tunes.  The first board on the fence is “Somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world,” by Isral Kamakawiwo’ole.  The second post is “Imagine” by John Lennon. The final board is “The Promise,” by Tracy Chapman.



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