My Best Job

Over the past two weeks, I have done a lot of thinking and creating with my roots journal. The more time I take to ponder my life right now, the more I realize how amazing it is.

During my adolescence and teenage years, I babysat for some amazing families and some not so amazing.  I watched as the kids ran to their parents when they arrived home or how the parents went straight to the kids’ rooms to check on them when they returned home if the kids were asleep.  Next I worked as a life guard and a gymnastics instructor for many, many years.  Through life guarding, I fell in love with meeting new people and being around the water.  Teaching gymnastics, I found my passion.  I taught a class with a pediatric physical therapist.  She wanted her patients to get to experience gymnastics for real.  We worked together to create a class for kids with disabilities.  We watched along side their parents as the kids flipped on the bars, “jumped” on the trampoline, crawled through tunnels, swung from the rings and experienced exhilaration as they never had before.

Throughout college, I continued to life guard and teach gymnastics.  After college, I tried to find my niche by working in the field of recreation therapy and then moved to catering and ended up as a Physical Therapy Tech.  Finally, I decided to follow my gut and go back to get my Physical Therapy degree.  As I said earlier, this was my passion.  I loved being a pediatric physical therapist.  I tear up even thinking about many of the moments I lived with the families whom I worked with.  The experiences were amazing.

But those experiences were not mine.  I get that now.  Those experiences belong to those families and to those kids.  I will always be the therapist that was there-no name, no face.

The most wonderful happened to me on April 15, 2003 and then again on November 26, 2004 and finally on November 10, 2006.  I got the privilege of owning those experiences.  And they are AWESOME!  Now as you know, in my kids’ early years, I did continue to work, and I did enjoy it.  However, nothing like I enjoyed being a mom.


Today, I am honored to be able to not only be at home with my children, but to teach them, learn from them, experience life with them and simply BE with them.  It the BEST job that I have ever had.  They are the hardest bosses that I have ever had.  They have very high expectations (such as-“Mom, I am sure that if you learn to roll sushi that yours would be better than theirs.”)  They require me to be dependable and honest (they are not too happy when I try to sneak the last brownie and I get busted almost every time).  They require me to constantly be learning and relearning- have you ever tried to teach three grade levels with three different methods of teaching all in one day?  Some days I struggle.  Other days I flourish.  The crazy thing is that no matter how much I screw up, they continue to love me and support me.  I know I am doing things right when they compliment a very burned dinner and still get it down.  They know that I am not perfect and that never will be.  They also know how much I love them and that it is because of them  (and my wonderful husband who works so hard to let me get to have this job) that I am experiencing the best job I have ever had.  I cannot imagine how it could get any better (unless, we add on…smile).